Multipurpose Heat Pump

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Multipurpose Heat Pump

Most heat pumps have a single purpose, where Toyesi has been building multipurpose heat pump designs and concepts for years.

Toyesi has been designing and building heat pumps for over 30 years. During this time we are often asked what make sus different to the thousands of other brands available in Australia.

Firstly we are Australian and design and build for Australia. Secondly we design and build here in Australia. Why is this important?

Because we design and engineer our own heat pumps we have the capability to produce systems and designs an off the shelf product can’t.

transthermal group pic 1 - Multipurpose Heat Pump

3 Stage Multipurpose Heat Pump Project

Our client’s project incorporated a unique training swimming pool system. Offering 3 different pools all at different temperatures.  A lap pool for endurance, a spa and plunge pool combination for muscle repair and development.

The scope of the swimming pool project included 3 different sized indoor swimming pools.

  1. 80m2 Lap Pool @ 27 Celsius
  2. 15m2 Spa Pool @ 38 Celsius.
  3. 15m2 Cold Plunge pool @ 12 Celsius.

Site Limitations

This project had several site limitations. These limitations included:

  • Roof top installation
  • Very limited construction space.
  • Poor air circulation due to being up against walls and had poor air movement.
apartment pool - Multipurpose Heat Pump

Potential Project Solutions

After performing heat loads. The design of this heat pump system required 3 different heat pumps to achieve the client’s desired outcomes.

  1. 38 to 58 kW Lap pool heat pump
  2. 25 to 35 kW Spa Pool heat pump
  3. 25 to 30 kW Cold water chiller.

(Variable stats is seasonally based summer to winter)

Our client looked at 3 different suppliers.

One supplier, who had limitation in maximum unit size selection; proposed  5 units. 1 Chiller and 4 heat pumps. The second supplier offer 1 chiller and 2 heat pumps, however had very large unit size and only top discharge systems.

The issue with top discharge heat pumps in this project is that they would blow cooled air straight up from the heat pump. Normally this may not be an issue, but due to the lack of air movement on the semi enclosed roof, any cold air blow up would more than likely come back down and short cycle the heat pumps causing them to run at reduced capacity or have freeze up issues.

The other issue not addressed by these two suppliers, was the lack of floor space available for installation.  There was no way they could install 3 heat pumps let alone 5.

Also the size of the units and available running hours meant that at during periods of low ambient long periods of defrost and chance of freeze ups were a risk. If these long defrost periods occurred  valuable hours of heating were at risk and cold pools as a result.

How did Toyesi’s Heat Pumps Solution Differ

After review we knew that they would require 3 systems. 1 chiller and 2 heater pumps.  However we had an ace trick up our sleeve.

Toyesi has the capability to engineer a multipurpose heat pump solution incorporating all 3 systems in a single heat pump unit. A single foot print.

Addressing the issues:

  1. Removed Cold Air Recirculation issues – Toyesi builds front discharge systems as standard. This would then blow towards the vacant roof top areas, with little or no cool air recirculation.
  2. Reduced defrost problems – By using advanced defrost smarts Toyesi’s heat pumps tend to have 8 to 10 minute defrost cycles and reduce the downtime issues. Compared to being down for an hour or more, associated with many other heat pump brands.
  3. Small foot print solution. By designing a single multipurpose heat pump solution where all three heat pumps were in the one single chassis.  Only a single system needed to be built and installed.

Other Flow on Benefits included reduced power cabling, reduced water pipe requirements, quicker site install, and ease for regular future servicing.

Project Outcome – Happy Client
3600 - Multipurpose Heat Pump
TET 3600 (150 kW) Custom Designed Unit Water Front
tet heat pump series 04 - Multipurpose Heat Pump

Sample collection of Toyesi & Trident Heat Pumps and Chillers..

If you want to now how Toyesi can help you and your water or pool heating project increase energy efficiency, reduce running costs or minimise your waste energy then give us a call.

Contact us on Facebook, phone: 02  9679 9400 or by email and we can discuss how we can best assist you in your projects. Alternatively download a company brochure

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