Mobility Handbrake Extenders

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Easy Lever – Mobility Handbrake Extenders

Mobility handbrake extenders are one of the essential caravan or trailer accessories if you have weakness or mobility issues, yet still enjoy getting out and about.

All caravans and trailers have handbrakes that must be disengaged in order to move the vehicle and  engaged to make sure they do not move or roll away. However, as you get older arthritis, and limb weakness can set in, or if you already have a mobility issue then working these important brakes can be a challenge.

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How Does the Easy Lever Work?

Caravans do not have gears and wheels that engage in an automatic park braking system, in stead they have a handbrake to do all the work when the van is decoupled. Trailer brakes are therefore required on any trailer or caravan weighing more than 750kg. So almost if not all caravans will have some kind of braking mechanism. Unless the trailer comes with an electric drum-brake arrangement or similar, your caravan or trailer will have a manual mechanical brake.

A mechanical park brake is activated via a lever and pin on an A-Frame coupling.

handbrake lever - Mobility Handbrake Extenders

Handbrakes on trailers work by lifting up the break arm lowing the locking arm to catch the clip points. The break arm also has a cable running down to calipers on the wheels, activating break pads preventing them from moving. If the brake is applied to light there is a change that the wheel can slip and the caravan or trailer will roll away.

So it is important to apply the brake fully. This requires often pulling the lever tight, and this requires some strength. But this may not be possible if you have weakness in your arms,, hands or even a bade back.

The Easy Lever (mobility handbrake extender) extends the length of the handbrake allowing a smaller force to be applied to provide the same force to operate the brake. The advantage of leverage.

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The Easy Lever is easy to apply, by simply putting the lever over the top of the hand brake lever. Some hand brake levers have grips that may need to be removed for the Easy Lever tool to fit the handle, but should suit most models of hand brake lever. The great benefit is that the Easy Lever is easy to store and can be operated by just about anyone from young to old, male or female.

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Mobility Sway Control Rod Extender

Caravans do not just have park brakes, but also come with  sway control rods that often just as hard to operate and adjust. The Easy lever can also be used to extend these rods to a quicker and easier operation. Giving the Easy Lever a multi-function use of not just as Mobility Break Lever Extenders but also a Sway Control Rod Extenders as well, and often for many other handy simple leverage needs and ideas.

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Easy Lever – Mobility Handbrake Extenders – Want to know more?

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